Plexiglassed but safe

Companies in this time of the coronavirus needed to be fast with their response to the pandemic.

Some followed the usual prescription: making available hand sanitizers or isopropyl alcohol in accessible spaces.

On the part of the employees, they were encouraged to practice good personal hygiene, including frequent washing of hands, not touching their faces, coughing on their sleeves, and social distancing (six feet or 2 meters).

There was/is to be no more shaking of hands (bowing, fist bumps, elbow bumps, are now the norm). There are also routine cleanup of common areas and surfaces and posters on bulletin boards. Some cancelled (indefinitely) their scheduled conferences or meetings.

Northam Law put plexiglass in its reception areas and the conference room. We also have face masks available for clients who do not have one.

A measure gaining popularity is the use of hand held thermal scanners for testing of employees and visitors. Those with temperatures of over 37.5 degree celsius (or100.4 degree fahrenheit) will be asked to go home and not be permitted entry.

Companies may also consider training supervisors on infection control including who to contact within the organization to report exposures. Staff must also have the number for local public health authorities for the reporting of any suspected exposure.

If you need help with your policies or other measures for this COVID era, or want contact information for plexiglass installation (it is not inexpensive), call us at 604-630-2350 or drop us a line.

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Melissa Briones, LLB, CPHR

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