Writing and the Law

I am not a stranger to writing, being under the tutelage of some distinguished writing professors and then of Hedgebrook.

I am not a stranger to blogging, being an ardent student of Anton Diaz of Our Awesome Planet's blogging class batch zero.

I was also the editor-in-chief of a Canada-wide ethnic newspaper for some years.

These are all part of my journey, where I have sought and found my voice.

This voice is a no nonsense, sometimes cataclysmic, fatalistic voice of reason and un-reason; I found it through an arduous journey, full of pitfalls and falls, of trials and hurrahs even before the first note. And this is why I am writing this. To remind me that this blog will not be what you (nor I) expected, if we expected anything.
It will be legal, yes, full of human resources resources, yes, but it will also be about books and history, inner sage discoveries (borrowing from a CBA-WLF session), and thoughts through poetry without rhyme. Cadence will find its way into my writing, I am sure, so although my articles will be logical and rational, I suspect my articles will also be full of musings on life, death and between the in-between.

But first, the facts. My law firm, Northam Law, is an in-house counsel boutique law firm operating out of beautiful Kitsilano in Vancouver. Its protagonist (me) is a graduate of the College of Law and College of Mass Communications of the illustrious University of the Philippines.

I also have a degree in Human Resources Management from Ashton College in Vancouver. I practice business and employment law (I have a CPHR designation) and I serve the community through my wills and estates, real estate & conveyancing and family law practice.

But I have to say something about contracts - I really like contracts. I have almost 10 years of experience in this field. Everything is a contract - there's the social contract - and the elements of contract permeate our every day: meeting of the minds (offer and acceptance), the exchange or consideration (sometimes equal, sometimes not); the intention or lack of it; and proof. It is very interesting to me and I look at everything through this lens.

On to my background. I am an immigrant, and there can be no two more diametrically opposed places than where I came from (Manila) and where I am (Vancouver).

While Manila is mired in noise and discontent, Vancouver slumbers in half-dreams. While my home country runs rife with unrest in its many forms, Vancouver exults in its wealth and first world problems. Manila is happy boisterous laughter, while Vancouver is apology and restraint.
To switch and transition between these two polar opposites is no easy feat, and my strength lies in my ability to straddle and understand both worlds. My training in both legal cultures help me become a truly global lawyer and navigate the sometimes-slippery slopes.

To know me is to know I am a serial learner; I exult the pen and the written word. I am an entrepreneur, but to say that I am self-made would be untrue; I merely have had the privilege of having some people believe. Sometimes, that is all one needs.

So we begin.

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Melissa Briones, LLB, CPHR

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